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Welcome To TamilGuru

TamilGuru is a private and  professional Tamil Tuition Centre based in Singapore since 2017. It offers programs in Tamil language, composition, comprehension, literature, and oral skills at the preschool, primary, secondary, and Junior college levels.

We are also the publishers and distributors of educational Tamil assessment books and resources to Singapore students. Our course materials are designed and developed by our founder and writer Dr. A.Sakthi M.A. Ph.D., TamilGuru launched several Tamil assessment books to help Tamil language students in Singapore to achieve the highest grade in exams for all levels.

Our programs and materials are specially designed to help students to develop the motivation, confidence, and effective learning skills to achieve top grades in the Tamil language. Our curriculum, unique and effective teaching method receives strong affirmation and appreciation from parents and students.

Our mission and visions are that we do not just teach the Tamil language for the exam, we aim for transformational learning by guiding the child through the process of excellence.

Currently we offer Online Tamil Tuition in Singapore during pandemic. Join us and build confidence in your education and career path.

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