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Very happy with the opportunity to learn with one to one teaching and a flexible schedule. The teacher is great, she is well prepared and is very patient, which I appreciate a lot. Also, I would love it if there were more structured homework and exercises. This would improve the quality of the courses. Thank […]

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In the begining i wasnt doing well in my tamil . In sec 4 i heard of TamilGuru Leaning and now i have reaached even greater heights in my Tamil. Thanks to Dr. Sakthi . I recommend all students to join TamilGuru Leaning to increase the exposure in Tamil subject

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Leaning Tamil compo writing skill is made easy at TamilGuru and I can now understand the concept beteer. My results jumped from C5 to A1 in prelims 2019. I Love TamilGuru for the great teachers, nice learning environment and good leaning resource of material

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I enjoy attending classes at TamilGuru Learning as i get to learn different concept of writing compo and orals. I now know how to apply them during my exams . This has helped me improve a lot in Tamil subject . I am really happy as it used to be the subject i disliked the […]

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